Matr Aatlu Kasho kamar , manka Ane Pagni Taklif Nahi Thay Full Wewas To Open 2020

Mitro Desh Videsh Ma Vasta Mara Vala Aaje Hu Aek Jabrdast Lai Ne Aavyo Chu Jano Kamar Na Dukhavo Sha Mate Thay Che Te Jano Aa Saral Thar ganthu Upay Thi Kamrano Kamar No Dukhavo Hammesha Mate Dur Karo

Je Loko Ni Vay Vadhare Che Tene Ketlak Shararik Rogo Thay Che Jema Thi Amuk Rogo Che Kamar Dard Aadhunik Tamam Loko Nu Jivan Aevu Thai Gayu Che Jema Vadhare Taklif Mahila Oma Jova Male Che

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Reasons for waistline:

People who have excess body weight can easily have high back pain. Because more than 5% of its weight is on the waist. In addition to lifting a heavy weight, it also causes problems. No load should be taken according to one's ability.

The next day when the person is sleeping incorrectly, the body experiences pain. As a result, the form becomes weaker. Not being able to get up evenly in daily action also emphasizes the part of the waist that causes pain in the waist. In addition to the daily work, due to the speed of the work, the body's intoxication is suppressed.

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