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What proof is needed to get a new barcoded ration card?

Getting a new barcode ration card

Those who do not have any ration card at the current residence level and those who have been living in Gujarat state for a long time but do not have ration card, can now apply in sample two (two) if they need ration card.

You will need the following details in filling up the form for the new ration card, so that you have to hand it in before filling the form.

Examples of name reduction in existing ration card (if any) or other district ration card

Electricity bill

Income PAN Card

Taxation bills of property belonging to Gram Panchayat / M / s / m / s

Driving license

Telephone mobile bills

Election credentials (all members who have received credentials)

Cooking Passbook

PNG The latest gas consumption bill

Farmer ledger or village sample No-2-A

Norega's Jobcard

The bank's passbook

Kisan Credit Card

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