The world's 3 inch smartphone Battery will last 7 days

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English company Zini Mobiles has launched the world's smallest phone, the Zanco tiny t2. The size of the 3G technology phone is a thumbs up. For information, let us say that before this company Zanco tiny T1 was also launched. And this new phone is also an upgraded version. The phone will also provide users with a camera. There are also 13 other features in this phone. The special thing is that this phone weighs only 5 grams. And the phone also has a 3G device, Bluetooth connectivity and SOS message function.

The smartphone has many features like camera, video recording, MP3, MP4, games, calendar. The phone also has the option of setting a calendar and alarm clock. Users can use FM radio as well.

The phone also features calling, text message. Speaking of memory card, the phone gives 32GB of space and microSD card can be added.

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