Windy App – Live Cyclone Update

Windy App : Live Cyclone Update: Use This App And Save Your Important Time And Also Let Us Inform You To Make The App Better If You Are Faced With Any Issue. Windy App – Live Cyclone Update Plan Your Route And Get To The Destination Thanks To Turn By Turn Tourist Voice Navigation Windy App – Live Cyclone Update That Works Also Offline. Get Out Of The City And Start Seeing The World With Windy Maps.

Windy App – Live Cyclone Update Key Features:

  • Most Detailed World Maps With Tourist Trails, Bikeways And Ski Pistes Free Voice Navigation For Riders, Bikers And Hikers In English. You Can Also Use Tts Voice.
  • Turn By Turn Car Navigation, Bike Navigation, Walking Directions
  • Travel Tips In Your Surroundings
  • Offline Route Planning With Altitude Profiles
  • Offline Search Places, Coordinates And Categories Including Open Hours And Contacts
  • Measuring Distance By Two Fingers On The Map
  • Submitting Photographs Of Places
  • Use Downloaded Maps Or Regions
  • Search Locations All Around The World
  • Find The Route And Navigate At Places Without Internet Connections

What’s New

  • Winter Map – Map Includes Information About Ski Slopes, Cross-Country Ski Tracks And Other Winter Information.
  • Shaded Terrain Relief – See The Shape Of The Terrain In A Realistic Fashion, It Gives Windy Maps An Entirely New Experience.
  • Slope Inclination – Shows The Terrain Slope; The Degree Of Slope Steepness Is Depicted By Light Red To Dark Red.

Shaded Relief And Slope Inclination Need To Be Turned On Menu/Settings/Map, And Both Are Available Only When Online.

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Windy App : Click Here
Live Cyclone Update : Click Here

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