SUKANYA SAMRIDHI YOJNA APPLICATION FORM 2020: This means you have four years from the date of injury to bring your claim. This may seem like a long time, but it’s imperative not to wait until the last minute. Should you miss the deadline, you’ll be barred from compensation for your injuries. One of your first steps following an accident should be informing your insurance company. Be honest about the nature of the accident and tell them about any injuries. Obtain a copy of the police report and give it to your insurer.

Never leave the scene of an accident until a police officer says it’s okay to do so. Remember, leaving the scene, especially when someone’s injured, is a criminal offense. Check on all the drivers and passengers, and call emergency medical services for those who need it. If you suspect a head or neck injury, don’t move until help arrives. Call the police so they can conduct an on-scene investigation and file a report, which could prove valuable to your case.

If you sustain an injury during an accident, seek immediate medical care. Keep track of all the doctors, physical therapists, and other practitioners you see. Ask for copies of your medical records, bills, and other reports that may help you keep track of your economic losses later. If you incur a serious injury, try to keep a record of how your injuries impact your daily life (such as a journal or a list of activities you used to enjoy). These records may help your attorney determine damages from “pain and suffering.”

Victims of negligence-based car accidents are entitled to receive a fair and proportionate amount of financial compensation for their injuries. It’s important that you select a car accident lawyer who will pursue the highest settlement to which you are entitled. Granted, negotiations are important and may result in a settlement prior to judgment, but you should absolutely not settle for much less than you deserve.

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