PRADHAN MANTRI AWAS YOJANA | APPLY FOR  PRADHAN MANTRI AWAS YOJANA: hough our audience is in the United States, our people live here in Puerto Rico. We come from different cities, backgrounds, and career stages, but we are united by our drive to improve ourselves, our company, and the Island we call home. A majority of our people have lived in Puerto Rico for most of their lives and those who have not, also have roots here now.

For that reason, we are committed to helping Puerto Rico rebuild after Hurricane María, supporting new and established local charities, rescuing animals, and donating our time and money to our neighbors—because we put people and community first.

In early 2016, Greg Powel and Sam Niccolls founded the company in Dorado, Puerto Rico. Greg brought his experience from working at Google, while Sam contributed expertise honed at Moz. These two young entrepreneurs decided to establish their business in Puerto Rico because of the island's well-educated talent pool and its warm climate. Puerto Rico was fertile ground for a tech startup and presented an opportunity to do things differently from the way they're done in Silicon Valley. is deeply dedicated to its employees. The company participates in the local community and proudly supports the island economy. In 2017, the firm not only survived Hurricanes María and Irma, but also raised $200,000 to fund local disaster relief. With the encouragement of the company's management, many of its employees contributed their labor to the recovery effort.

We have created a profitable and sustainable business that's focused on the values of community, showing up for one another, being scrappy, and doing the right thing for consumers and the company.

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