Gujarat Silent Ration Card Official Letter 2021

Gujarat Silent Ration card Official Letter 2021, Free foodgrains are provided to the poor under the National Food Security Act. However, ration cards that haven't been taken for quite six months have now been blocked. The state's food and civil supplies department has placed such ration cards within the silent category.

Holders of those ration cards need to undergo e-verification otherwise they need decided to transfer to non-NFSC category. quite two lakh ration cards are blocked across Gujarat. Free food grains are being distributed to the poor through lock down during the Corona period. Grains including chickpeas, wheat, rice are distributed from affordable shops. With reference to free food, the govt is singing the praises that many people are given free food.

Now the state's Food and Civil Supplies Department has traced card holders who haven't been ready to get free foodgrains for the past six months. Now the question arises, why the poor aren't willing to require free food. there's also a doubt on why quite two lakh card holders don't come to shop for food grains. 

In this regard, the amount of card holders receiving free food grains under the National Food Security Act may be a factor of quite 7 million. There are quite two lakh card holders in Gujarat who haven't taken food grains from affordable shops under this scheme for the last six months.

The State Food and Civil Supplies Department has instructed all the Collectors and District Supply Officers to verify the cards of such card holders by August 31. If e-verification isn't done, the card are going to be placed within the category of non-NFSC. at the present , the ration cards of cardholders who haven't received food grains for quite six months within the state are placed on the disabled list.

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