One Month Will Be Saturday And Sunday, Pan Galla Will Be Closed In Gujarat

The city has decided to observe a spontaneous shutdown by the state’s pan-masala hawkers to break the corona chain. In this regard, the President of Gujarat Pan-Masala Shop Owners Association Sanjay Joshi has written a letter to the Chief Minister informing that for the next one month, the owners of Pan-Masala stalls all over Gujarat will cooperate with the government for the health of the people.

One Month Will Be Saturday And Sunday, Pan Galla Will Be Closed In Gujarat

Shani-Ravi Spontaneous Lockdown of Pan Asso. In Rajkot In view of theincreasing number of corona transitions in the city of Rajkot, the Pan Association in the city has decided to hold a spontaneous lockdown for a total of two days next Saturday and Sunday. In which 1100 shopkeepers affiliated with the association will join the two-day spontaneous lockdown. Apart from this, famous jewelers of Chamber of Commerce and Palace Road have also announced a spontaneous lockdown on Saturday-Sunday. Where 28 to 30 associations will join the chamber to keep all trade industries closed.

A total of 4,000 Pan shops will remain closed inRajkot , Rajkot Pan Association President Piyushbhai Sitapara told Divyabhaskar. There are a total of 4000 leaf shops in the city out of which 1100 shops are affiliated with the association and all the traders will go on lockdown for two days on Saturday and Sunday.

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The restaurant industry is on the verge of death due to The restaurant closes at 7 p.m. The number of individuals on Organized Places will be reduced. If we close the restaurant due to low customer base, a negative message will spread. Dinner time remains a nigh bandh. In my opinion the food and restaurant industry is on the verge of death. - Dilipbhai Thakkar, Honor, Dining Hall.

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