Indira Gandhi National Aging Assistance Scheme (Vyavandana Yojana)

Indira Gandhi National Aging Assistance Scheme (Vyavandana Yojana)

The above scheme has been implemented throughout India by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India , New Delhi. The implementation of this has been initiated in the State of Gujarat from 3-5-6. The application of which has to be made separately to the concerned Mamlatdar of the taluka.

The eligibility to apply under this scheme is as under:

Applicant’s age should be more than 60 years.

The applicant’s family should be registered under the poverty line. The income of the beneficiary family is given to the BPL for the rural area. The BPL, which has a score of up to 20 in the list and the beneficiary coefficient as per the Urban Development Guideline for Urban Areas. The beneficiary.
Eligible spouses can apply both.

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Amount of assistance:
Amount of assistance: Rs. 500/ – (Rs. 300 / – + of the Central Government Rs. 200 / -) for the 3- to 5-year-olds of the beneficiary, and monthly assistance of Rs. Rs / – + of Central Government Rs.

Regarding the appeal application:
There is provision to appeal the province officer within 7 days on the rejected application.

The amount of assistance to the beneficiary is dbt in the beneficiary’s account.

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