ALL TREATMENTS ARE FREE IN THIS HOSPITAL IN GUJARAT: Diseases Treatments dictionary This app include list of Medical disorders & diseases that provides all information about symptoms, disorder and treatment and many medical terminology its a mini Medical handbook for emergency lookup of disease to assist individuals and Physicians collecting data with Prevention, Causes, Symptoms, Medical Terms, Drugs, Prescription ,Natural Remedies with cures and Treatment.

  1. - Works Offline without internet.
  2. - Detailed description of all major medical conditions and diseases.
  3. - Diseases A-Z list
  4. - Diseases Treatments dictionary
  5. - Easily find needed disease with instant search
  6. - You can add bookmark (favorite)
  7. - Add your note for each disease
  8. - Change texts size
  9. - Disorder & Diseases Dictionary
  10. - Medical treatment
  11. - Diseases Dictionary

This is medical handbook contain of Disease treatment dictionary, Disease guide, disease info.

Disorder and Diseases Dictionary is very useful for healthcare professionals, pharmaceuticals, physicians, hospital nurses, medical students, nursing professionals, pharmacy, physician assistants and for students who work in clinical practice & dispensary

"Clinical Treatment" aka "Diseases Treatment Dictionary" Provide you one of the best education about Treatment of Diseases and remained the first choice of Doctors especially House Officers, Medical Officers and Training Medical Officers.

- Treatment Of Diseases
- Quick Search of Disease
- Aims Of Treatment
-General Measures
- Pharmacological Treatment
- Criteria for Referral
- Doses of Drugs
- Route Of administration of Drugs
- Various Brand Names of Drugs used in Treatment of Diseases

Some special treatments covered:
  1. Diabetes Treatment
  2. Depression Treatment
  3. Anxiety Treatment
  4. Hemorrhoid Treatment
  5. Psoriasis Treatment
  6. Schizophrenia Treatment
  7. Lyme disease Treatment
  8. Lupus Treatment
  9. Herpes Treatment
  10. Pneumonia Treatment
  11. Scabies Treatment
  12. Chlamydia Treatment
  13. Bronchitis Treatment

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