Caller Name Announcer For Incoming Calls And Message Full Details Open

Be Smart.. Be Different..... Announcements On the Go 
Smart Announcer provides hands-free option for Incoming calls, Sms and notifications for Android platform.
Same feature can be extended over to Incoming SMS messages which can also be announced or Read.
 Provides hands-free experience, giving flexibility to respond to calls or texts.
It announces the name of person calling you , if saved. Same feature can be extended to multiple apps which are used for text or messaging or call.
 Global Enable/Disable in widget/App main screen to control all features.
 App is interoperable with for an unknown contact , the number would read out.
 Gives option to set number of repetitions for announcements.
 Battery announcer with Level Announcements and charging announcements.
Data announcer with Connectivity Announcements like connected, disconnected.
 Option of announcements in local language ( if supported by system ).
# Mode based announcements silent mode option.
Option to tune the Voice as per user requirements like Pitch, rate.
UI beautifully design.
 Time Announcer enriched with lot of options which user can control.
 Supports App widget which helps user to control on/off option for Call , SMS , Time and Application announcer from the home screen.
Notification announcements from the applications are supported from and above android version 4.3 only.
Note: This Application uses the Android Notification Service to process new notifications only if you grant permission to do so. It does not collect the contents of notifications in any form.
Special thanks for Translation
German by Belalinda Methoxha
Hungarian by Peter Szeremy
Romanian by Peter Szeremy

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