LPG Gas Connection new Rules 2020

Desh Videsh ma Vasta Mara Vala Mitro Ne Aaje Aek Mota Samachar Laine Aavyo Chu Gharama Ges Silender Vaparo Cho To Kabili Nava Niymo Tmari Pasethi 17 Rupiya 50 Paisa Charge Le Che Tame Godaun Jaine Potej Silender Lavta Hoy To Aa Paisa Parat Magi Chako Cho Connection new Rules and information 2020 Gujrat gas connection new rules
Gujrat new information in gase lpg gase - Hindustan gas connection - gujrat gas connection news You get a special feature when your regulator is stolen, under which you can ask the agency for a new regulator. For this you have to file an FIR with the police and after submitting the FIR copy, the agency will give you a new regulator.

Even if your cylinder's regulator has gone bad, you can still ask the agency for a regulator. You don't have to pay for it. But you will need a subscription voucher for it. Keep in mind that if the number of your subscription vouchers matches the regulator, you will only be given a new regulator.

However, if your cylinder's regulator is demagged, which means that your error has worsened, you may have to pay the agency up to 150 rupees to get a new regulator.
- Online booking of LPG cylinders
- Order Refill
- Check status of their requests
- Check Your Gas Subsidy Status
- Transfer of Connections
- Customer Support
- File complaints

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