MANDI CENTRAL - AGRICULTURE INFO & MANDI RATES: मंडी सेंट्रल (मंडी भाव , बिल्टी भाव और कृषि व्यापर की जानकारी )

इस ऍप में रजिस्टर कर भारत के सभी कृषि व्यापारी और ब्रोकर्स से जुड़े और पाए सही समय पर सबसे सटीक और सही जानकारी। कृषि व्यापर से जुडी सभी मुख्य जानकारी आप यहाँ पा सकते है ।

Mandi Central is an Indian agriculture App which helps traders, brokers, farmers and procurement companies to take informed decisions by accessing agricultural information related to their needs. Mandi Central provides latest mandi prices, bilty prices and all agriculture related news. It is available in English and Hindi.

COMMUNITY FORMATION (फोरम /समुदाय गठन)
Mandi Central is a community of agri traders and brokers. It helps connect every trader or broker with all other traders and brokers across India. Thus, it helps every trader and broker receive genuine information at the right time.

AGRICULTURE TRADE NEWS (कृषि व्यापर न्यूज़)
With analysis from the experts, agriculture trade news is provided daily for agriculture commodities in India. Agriculture news related to import/export, sowing updates, weather updates, government schemes, etc are updated daily. International agriculture news affecting Indian market are also provided consistently. News is provided by citing the sources providing authenticity to the news. Traders and brokers can take better business decisions by accessing these news.

MANDI BHAV / RATES and BILTY BHAV / RATES ( मंडी भाव और बाजार भाव)
Mandi and bilty bhav / rates of APMCs are collected from trustworthy sources and provided daily.
Chana bhav / Chana Rate, Tur bhav/ Tur Rate, Moong bhav / Moong Rate, Masoor bhav / Masoor Rate, Matar bhav / Matar Rate, Maize bhav/ Maize Rate, Wheat bhav / Wheat Rate, Soyabean bhav /Soyabean Rate, Groundnut bhav / Groundnut Rate, Sugar bhav/ Sugar Rate, Cotton bhav/ Cotton Rate, Guar Seed bhav/ Guar Seed Rate, Guar Gum bhav/ Guar Gum Rate, Castor bhav /Castor Rate , etc are available on Mandi central app.

❇ Browse through various commodity categories to selectively access information
❇ Clean UI and simplified process to reach the selected commodity's mandi price/bhav
❇ Choose Favourite commodity and access all the rates/bhav available selectively
❇ Choose agriculture news through various commodity categories
❇ Share our agriculture news with your connections

Agriculture Commodities Covered -
Pulses - Chana, Arhar (Tur), Masoor, Moong, Peas & Urad
Spices - Chilli, Turmeric, Pepper, Coriander, Cumin and Cardamon
Grain - Wheat, Rice, Maize, Bajra, Jowar
Oil seeds - Soyabean, Palm, Rapeseed, Sunflower and Groundnut
Other commodities - Sugar, Cotton, Guar Seed, Guar Gum, Castor.

कृषि जिंस उपलब्ध -
दलहन - चना ,काबुली चना , तुअर , मसूर ,मूंग, मटर , उड़द
अनाज - गेहू , मक्का ,धान, बाजरा , जवार
मसाले - मिर्च, हल्दी, धनिया, इलाइची
तिलहन - सोयाबीन ,सरसो, मूंगफली
इतर - शुगर, कॉटन, ग्वार, कैस्टर

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